Photo Specifications

We would like to give you some good information about the photo specifications we feel are best and in your interest when uploading photos to use when you are customizing your card(s).

Photo Sizes

You can use any photo you have on your computer, camera, have in Facebook, Instagram, Flicker and/or Dropbox.  You can even use photos scanned to your computer as well (be sure the clarity of the scanned photos are retained - it's best to scan photos at 300dpi).  Images you take off the Internet must belong to you! 


Image Quality

The quality of your photo is directly related to the quality of the photo in the customized card. Your best bet is to start with a high-resolution photograph.  Be sure these are clear and do not have any distortions to them (cracks from being folded, too many shadows, etc.  Remember we have professional graphic artists who will review your card customization prior to print, if deemed a picture not of good quality, we will contact you.


File Format

  • Must be an RGB JPEG file
  • When using black & white, the photo needs to be a Grayscale JPEG

You have the option during the card customization process to:

  • Turn a Photo to Black and White
  • Add color to a Photo
  • Turn the Picture to a Sepia Effect
  • Fade the Photo



Image Resolution

For a typical card, see the chart below:

Card Size Recommended Resolution Approximate File Size Dots Per Inch (DPI)
5 x 7 1500 x 2100 pixels 1 megabyte 300 dpi


Maximum File Size for Images

The biggest file size you can upload to Stylemycard is 10 Megabytes. Our system will adivse you if your photograph exceeds this.

If the file size is too big, attempt to crop the photo first using an Image Editor or use a compression program.


When uploading Large files Please be patient, the file upload time depends on the size of the file.