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How To Guide

This How-To guide is offered as an additional way to help you style a card the way you want.  You will upload photos that are kept on your computer, camera, have in Facebook, Instagram, Flicker and/or Dropbox and write your own message – or – feel free to use our ideas. 

The biggest decision you need to make is have us send you the card for mailing – or have us mail it for you!

Here’s a breakdown of what is entailed to style the cards:

  • Choose a card from our offerings
  • Select the type of paper you would like
  • Select the color of the envelope
  • Click the “Style My Card” Button.
  • Upload photo(s) to use on the front, center and/or back of the card – the choice is yours!
  • Write your message.
  • Preview and accept all parts of your card!  The preview is very important
  • Be sure your photo is placed correctly – not sideways or upside-down.
  • Make sure all elements of the photo appear and are not cut off.
  • Check your spelling and that the text fits and is also not cut off

     Proceed to the checkout, choose the number of cards you wish (some need to be in quantities of 25 or more)

     Choose your mailing option:

  • Mail to Me
  • Mail For Me
  • Mail For Me in the future